Well, it needs to be said.

✨If your assessment of the Nazis' protest-turned-mayhem is anything other than "man, those guys are dicks," I'm not here for your apologist, over-explaining justifications of why they're victims, k?✨ RTWT: (yeah, they filed for a permit, and yeah, shit happened around it, and yeah, free speech is a thing that I am NOT about to … Continue reading Well, it needs to be said.

When “Wow” Isn’t Enough

I've talked off and on for years about how I want to get more active, be healthier, and generally feel better by exercising and moving around... ...and I've also talked about how hard that is when I have a bum hip. Which is exacerbated by my weight. Which is part of the reason I want … Continue reading When “Wow” Isn’t Enough